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Digital Media. Human Insight.

Digital Media.
Human Insight.

Managed Media. Merged Mindsets.

Effective PPC management requires traditional marketing skills joined with a deep knowledge of software, a formula we’ve applied to PPC since we bought our first Paid Search click in 2006.

Non-Stop Optimization.

Pilot’s ongoing conversion optimization ensures your web forms are completed, white papers downloaded, email lists are populated or shopping cart cycle makes it to the ‘thank you’ page.

Rich Reporting. Rapid Results.

Pilot monitors hundreds of data points from pre- and post-click performance. Along with traditional reports, Pilot software provides daily tools for you to direct your campaign in between reporting periods.

Free Search Engine Opportunity Report

Free Search Engine Opportunity Report

Managed Media

Digital Advertising is applicable to nearly every business. With Search accounting for over 40% of Digital Advertising, and Facebook leading the steady rise of Mobile Advertising, Pay-Per-Click is extremely important.

Propane Pilot did an excellent job of understanding our business and defining audiences. This is an expert PPC team.

John Hannon - as Marketing Director, Cogent Healthcare

PPC Management requires a mix of expertise ranging from a deep understanding of web-based software, core marketing principles, and meaningful data analysis.

For all budget ranges, Pilot fully engages our Digital Marketing team in order to understand your business and provide strategy, production, optimization, analysis, and on-going improvements. All of our campaigns are a collective effort that blends software efficiency with human intelligence.

Landing Page Optimization

Awareness campaigns, branding, informational or e-commerce - creating a converting landing page for your digital advertisements is an absolutely vital component of any campaign.

The Propane team can be counted on for not only exceeding expectations, but also leveraging their digital experience to provide solutions that meet todays and future needs of the customer being served.

Dave Mueller - Fred’s Discount and Pharmacy Stores

Conversion Optimization requires expert information architecture and creative design. It involves tools like Eye-Tracking, Heat Mapping, Analytics, and, of course, Human Intelligence. The Pilot program can provide any or all of those services in a manner that compliments in- house marketing departments or advertising agencies.

Don’t waste money and effort on PPC. Give your landing pages the props they deserve.

Post Click Analysis

Sometimes the best-laid plan is to plan for change. Following a mindset of continual testing, Pilot personnel monitor hundreds of data points. Pilot looks well beyond the traditional conversion or tracking pixel into extensive post-click behavior.

I've had a great working relationship with Propane Media. They have been a good strategic partner and have been responsive to my needs and thorough with their work.

Susan Ewing - VP Director of Client Services, Sullivan Branding

Analysis is not only used for optimization in terms of costing, keyword targeting, and A/B creative testing. Pilot evaluates key metrics to inform your businesses’ Customer Buying Cycle and Marketing Personas - providing a better understanding of how Digital Marketing applies to your business overall.

The Pilot PPC program includes access to the Pilot software – a custom curated web based console. Pilot software provides access to top-tier data between reporting periods along with custom tools that give you the ability to direct your Pilot management team by with a single click.